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Welcome to FB Auto Detailing, where automotive excellence meets meticulous craftsmanship. We are a premier high-end car detailing studio in Galway, Ireland dedicated to enhancing the allure of luxury and super cars. With a passion for automotive perfection and an unwavering commitment to precision, we transform every vehicle that enters our studio into a masterpiece on wheels.

We provide paintwork correction, paint restoration, paint protection, removal of swirl marks and scratches, luxury car wash treatment and many more.We focus on the quality of the job, therefore our protection options are the best on the market from Modesta Ceramic Coating, PPF (paint protection film), which prevents stone chip damage and makes your car fully covered to Aenso premium car care products that help us maintain customers cars to the top quality. There are various packages available, and we tailor them to suit your needs.

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Daniel Blake

"Knowledgable, very high attention to detail, customer focussed and most importantly you can trust Ama with any job. Only high quality products are used and in particular the finish from the Modesta ceramic coating is unrivalled. First class service and would happily use again and recommend to others"




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